Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Want to Be Happy!

We're heading into our last three weeks of the fall semester here at Butler. In these last few stressful moments I  have developed code names for each week that all my close friends and family have come to learn mean: please don't bother me with anything else until Christmas Break!

Week 1 - Nutcracker (I am playing in the pit for this ballet every day this coming week)
Week 2 - Jury Week (This is the week when every performance major is required to play their semester's repertoire in front of a panel of professors in order to receive a grade)
Week 3 - FINALS (I'm guessing everyone knows what that means)

I have been up since 6 AM and have been working at my local coffee shop  since 8:30. 
In this stressful time in my life I am taking moments to breathe, meditate on the meaning of life and remember that completing this fifteen-page research paper will NOT be the end of me.

I took just a few minutes to watch the video below during one of my writing breaks and I am already feeling centered and refocused on what's more important - happiness.

Let's all try to hold on to some of that Thanksgiving joy as we head into the busiest time of the year!