Friday, October 24, 2014

My Newest Obsession: Cello Talks

In my lesson this Wednesday my cello professor (his website is here) showed me the Youtube channel Cello Talks created by David Finckel, cellist for the Emerson String Quartet and duo partner of Wu Han. The thing that I really appreciate about David's channel is that it has a really diverse amount of information and that it's good for both beginning and advanced cellists.

Below is one of his vidoes, this one being about the proper way to rosin your bow (including some unique tricks he's picked up along the way. Bass Rosin?)

In other videos he explains different bow strokes, the sound of different bridges and strings, gives advice on managing practice sessions, demonstrates multiple vibrato styles and so much more. 

The 100 videos in his series cover such a wide range of topics and are applicable to every level of cellist. Check it out!