Sunday, August 4, 2013

What I've Learned: A Summary of My Time at Ohio Light Opera

With just 7 days left at Ohio Light Opera I am spending more and more of my time focusing on what I've learned from this experience. As I prepare for my auditions I can't help but wonder if my teacher will notice a difference in my playing. And will the difference be for the better or the worse? 

For the past two and a half months I have been living in a tiny town in the heart of Ohio. Every day during my time here I've picked up my cello and practiced or performed an opera. I now have the music and lines of seven different operas/operettas constantly rolling around in my head. There might be a diagnosis for that. I have played an average of 5 hours a day - and that's counting only rehearsal and performance times, not the time that I spend warming up and rehearsing my solo repertoire.

As a natural pessimist I strive to mentally take note of encouraging moments, rewarding experiences, etc. Here's my mental list from this past week.

Ohio Light Opera has helped me

- To better follow different conductors
- To learn music quickly and accurately
- To listen to the rest of the orchestra 
- To appreciate a long-standing art form
- To exude confidence in playing
- Realize the importance of starting from the string

- To look for friends in unlikely places
- To push myself to try new things
- To be willing to admit my quirks 
- To practice diligence

And because pictures often speak more than words can. Here's a summary of my time at Ohio Light Opera in photos. :)

The first friend outing!
We found an Ohio Light Opera poster from 1992
My first dress rehearsal

I'm going to miss this amazing store.

Tulipan's will be sorely missed

OLOween party with the crowd!

I've made so many good memories this summer and learned so much but, let's be honest, I'm ready to get back home, see my siblings, move into my new house and go on a date with my boy.

Let the school year commence!