Sunday, August 23, 2015

All the New Things

Life has been full of change and new experiences lately. 

Two weeks ago today Jordan and I made the move to Cleveland so I can start my studies at the Cleveland Institute of Music. We are absolutely loving our new apartment, our new city, and my new school. But somehow, even after the many times I moved growing up, packing up all your belongings and attempting to settle in a new place can feel so stressful! It took me a few days to adjust into the new setting but I am happy to say that this place is really beginning to feel like home. 

As each September begins to roll around I find myself in a similar place. I may not have moved but often I find myself at a new school, job, or simply in a new situation. As many of us are heading off to new things and are attempting to settle into a new normal after a loosey-goosey summer, here are some shared ideas that can help center and focus you for a new season. 

1. Establish habits and a routine. I find this is especially helpful to do for mornings when you wake up feeling cranky and "off". Start your day with meditation, some stretching, or maybe just a good, strong cuppa. 

2. View each change as a fresh start, a new beginning. This is your chance to leave behind all the mistakes you've made before and start afresh. This school year is yours!

3. Take some time to reorganize. I like to clean out my purse or bag. Sometimes buying a small gadget, like a new pen or planner can do the trick and make you feel on top of your game. I recently found this one and love it! Did everyone already know that Moleskin made such awesome planners?!

4. Get your yoga on! While I love a good asana (and am actually starting this 30 day challenge), I recently read a yogi's post about embracing yoga with or without asana. Meaning, even when you're not working your way through poses, focusing and being present in each moment is perhaps an even more important part of the practice. That is your yoga. Right now I'm working on calm breathing and focusing my attention on one task at a time. 

5. And when you realize you can't make it on your own, call your person. Chaos and stress can cause us to feel isolated and alone, we may even feel like we don't have a person to call or talk to. Even if you feel you're stepping out on a limb, make a phone call, write a letter, and reach out to a friend. You may find that they are as much in need of good company as you are. 

Good luck, my friends! I know I've spoken to so many people this year who are starting new, intimidating phases of their lives. Just know that I'm right there with you, and we've got this!