Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Day of Many Firsts

It seems quite fitting that I should begin a new blog on the First Day of Spring. Just as Spring records new beginnings and fresh starts, this blog will record the new beginnings that I will experience in my life; I have a feeling that there are many of them just around the bend.

About me:

I am a cellist – Currently I am in the process of applying (as a transfer) to conservatories.  After I hear back from all of the schools I will make my decision on 29 April and then announce it to the world on 1 May. (so excited . . . )

I am a traveler – At heart all I really want to do is move from place to place and have adventures in fantastic places. Hopefully, this blog will record some of those adventures.

I am a book lover – This year my plan is to read 50 books. I know that with school and work this coming year, a book a week will keep me busy but, hopefully, not too overwhelmed.

I am a collector – I love to collect. For a good part of my life I thought that I was more of a Feng Shui kind of girl. Ummm. Nope. If you’re an antique lover (which I am) it’s highly likely that you’re not a minimalist.

I am a sister - to many wonderful siblings. They are my best friends and the people who know me best.

I am someone’s other half – He is my secret keeper, soul mate, best friend, fellow adventurer, sounding board annnnd boyfriend. ;)

And now (!), I am a BLOGGER! Follow me through my many adventures!