Friday, May 3, 2013

Meanwhile Back At the Ranch . . .

 . . .  It has (not surprising - due to the silence on the blog) been another hectic week over here. I am doing my best to push my way through Sunday and by then I'll have a bit of time to relax, sleep and perhaps (ahem) post on my blog.

But I thought I would take a quick minute now and give an update:

This summer I am so thrilled to be participating for the first time in the Ohio Light Opera which takes place in Wooster, Ohio. I offhandedly auditioned (via DVD) for it a couple months ago thinking that it would be a cool opportunity but not necessarily a viable option. WELL, it is a viable option and it's happening for two and half months of my summer! I am so excited to be performing with such an amazing group of people and cannot wait for it to begin. Check back starting June 1st for updates regarding this unique opportunity! (Check out their fantastic line-up here, and order your tickets here!)

Secondly, I have finally confirmed my school choice for next year and plan to make a formal announcement on the blog in a couple of weeks. I am getting really excited as I begin to register for classes, get to know my room mates better and search for an apartment! I know that this year is going to be amazing and is going to be a pivotal year in my music career. Now it just needs to hurry up and START!