Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today's Travel Lust: England's Lake District

This past week it's been rainy, even stormy at times, cloudy and altogether gloomy in general. This might be a disappointment to those of you who really can't wait for the sunshine-y blue skies of summer, but really I'm more of a cloudy day person. During this last week with all of it's craziness and busy-ness I have really enjoyed the calming, mopiness of the sky.   

So lately I've been dreaming about running away. I want to run away from schedules and plans and run away from bumping into people I know. And instead I want to go hiking through England's Lake District. I want to run into a tea shop when the rain gets too heavy and sit and sip tea where no one knows my name. I want to go and sit in William Wordsworth's gardens at Rydal Mount and just muse for several hours. I want to think and read and breathe.

I want to be instead of do


Rydal Mount

Rydal Mount again.
Numerous pictures of the gardens.