Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Blessings and Stuff

It's been another long day. Perhaps I should say another long week.

I know I am just one of many college students experiencing this back to school phenomenon but still (!) I am unsure of how it shocks me every year. How was I this busy? How did I do all these things? But somehow life keeps moving, and I keep moving and hopefully in the end I grow as a person.

But it's nights like these when I feel the need to stop. Sit myself down on my yoga mat, in boxers shorts, with a journal and a mug of "Stress Relief" tea (it really is a miracle worker) and just think. 

And though I've been stressed and overworked

all in all

it has been a good month.

Here are just a few of the things that tonight I am really thankful for:
1. I got engaged. To a pretty fantastic guy. And we're both really excited

2. In 8 months and 6 days I get to marry him!

3. I am living with some amazing people

4. I'm at a phenomenal school where I'm learning so much

5. I have awesome friends (I'm talking about you Kate, Emily and Ariel!) Thanks for the messages.

So blessed. So tonight instead of stressing out about homework, the presentation I have to give tomorrow, or the cost of gasoline, I am going to spend time gulping some tea and just taking it all in. Thanks to so many people for supporting me this year! You all are so loved.