Sunday, October 6, 2013

Science and Music - The Physics Behind a String

Hello all! 

Things are busy here at school. Busy but wonderful. I just finished playing in a cello masterclass with Michael Haber - a former member of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra who has served as a faculty member at Oberlin College, Indiana University, New England Conservatory, Eastman School of Music and University of Akron. It was such a pleasure to play for him and recieve helpful comments. 

Anyhow, recently I was sitting in my Digital Arts course listening to one of my fellow students present and was amazed to hear about how the Fibonacci Sequence (click here for an explanation) plays out in music and the arts.

In fact, it is amazing how much overlap there is between science and music. Music is not simply emotions and feeling, but also technique and mathematics. I am not much of a scientist (not at all, in fact) but I always find it interesting to view my career choice from someone else's perspective. 

Slow Motion String

Isn't it so intriguing how volatile the movement of the string actually is? From my perspective everything seems quite placid and smooth!