Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friendship, Food and Summer Solstice-ing!

This past weekend my dear friend Elizabeth came to visit me. Elizabeth and I met our freshman year in a production where we were cast in opposite roles in the spring musical. We also ended up taking the same advanced writing course that semester. 

After our sophomore year we both individually decided to transfer out of that university and have now gone our separate ways. But our friendship has lasted the transition. We try to talk via social networking or phone when we can but the distance makes it pretty difficult to communicate face to face. So when she was able to make some time in her busy schedule and come visit me at Ohio Light Opera, I was thrilled. We hadn't seen each other since this past Thanksgiving and I had really been missing her company. 

Most of the weekend was spent catching up on each other's lives, laughing and, of course, eating delicious food. We went back to that darling coffee shop which I mentioned here and ate more wonderful Hungarian pastries. Later that evening, after realizing that it was the longest day of the year (!), we celebrated summer solstice by eating delicious summery foods which are featured in the cluttered photo below. 

During Elizabeth's stay:

I was encouraged to take my art seriously and revel in this amazing summer experience 

I was encouraged to regularly exercise in a way that fits my personality and schedule (which means NO RUNNING. I have therefore added yoga to my daily routine)

I was encouraged to eat well and often.

I remembered how much I love to dance! 

I developed a slight addiction to Kombucha tea

I realized that frienships last forever. Now matter how much time goes between your visits

Thanks for the great time, dear friend! Hope to see you soon!