Monday, June 10, 2013

I Just Had a Perfect Weekend

I'm here. Back in my musty smelling room with the empty spare bed that makes me lonely. But I'm not lonely now (Not yet at least). I'm coming down off of the high of being around my family.


Family at times can be exhausting and, if you're Italian like me, deafening. So there have been many times when I'm not as thrilled at the prospect of spending a weekend with them. But it's times like these when you've spent night after night coming back from rehearsals to an empty room with only the internet and a Madeleine L'Engle novel to keep you company that you realize how much you actually belong with that loud obnoxious family.

I like to think of myself as introvert - someone who would rather spend time by herself. But now I've realized, I'm an introvert with the innate desire to be with people who understand her, understand life as I know it, and will feed me (both figuratively and, of course, literally).

Earlier this week, while rehearsing with the Ohio Light Opera, I found out that I would be playing all of The King and I performances by myself as it calls for only one cello. The other cellist, instead of playing half of the performances would be playing Lady, Be Good, a Gershwin musical, by herself. Which meant (lucky me) that I got two and half days to do absolutely nothing.

So I went to visit my sister ;)

While there I hung out with this guy. He's pretty cute, I know.

He also makes some amusing facial expressions. 

He learned from the best. What can I say? 

We do also smile normally. 

The family reminisced about "the good ol' days" when everyone sat around and ate pasta - oh wait, that's always!

And when they wore awesome clothes like this. 
I'm actually really wishing I could pull that look off.  

So then we danced the polka. 

And tried it with three people. 

I'm not quite sure that worked. . . .

 Sunday dinner was good. Not only was it good to eat real food that was cooked rather than the cereal and veggies I've been living off of, but it was also great to see my grandparents and one of my older sisters. 

They unsurprisingly sent me back with enough food to last a week (or more) and these.

My grandpa is too sweet. Such a softy. 

Back at my older sister's house that evening, E and I played restaurant for a good while with our homemade chef hats mine kept falling off :( . 

Being with my siblings is therapeutic. I miss you guys. A lot. 

Okay, I'm being sentimental. I'll stop. :P