Thursday, June 6, 2013


As I'm writing this post I'm sitting in my dorm room bed at the Ohio Light Opera, my hair wrapped in a towel as I'm sipping tomato soup. (Campbell's has never tasted better). I know I should have updated earlier but between the two-three a day rehearsals and the fact that I didn't have internet for the first 4 and a half days I just hadn't gotten around to it. Today, however, is the company's day off and I am enjoying getting caught up on outside life and chores and enjoying taking a lazy afternoon shower. The best.

The past few days were a complete blur and it honestly felt more like a couple weeks than five days. So far we've rehearsed 3 operas/operettas - Silk Stockings, The King and I, and HMS Pinafore. 3 rehearsals (or, services, as they are known to all my music friends) are allotted for each musical and so in the span of 7-9 hours we're expected to have perfected the music for a two hour performance. I don't remember the last time I've played this many hours a day. So far I'm averaging between 6-8 hours of playing/rehearsing. Yes, it's insane. I'm sure there will be many back rub chains in the future after all of our joints and appendages get over the shock of this week.

Yesterday, however, was a nice respite from the craziness. Our conductor, in a moment of pity ;) gave us two rehearsals off which (taking into account the fact that today is our day off) essentially added up to two entire days with no rehearsing. I, of course, still practiced (there's too much music not to!), cleaned my room some and checked in on my class schedule for this next semester. By the time evening rolled around I was pretty much ready to get out this musty-smelling, 1920's-era residence hall.  The musicians here haven't had much bonding time since we're almost always in rehearsal (in which, of course, there is NO talking). When we're outside of rehearsal we're either doing our private practicing or napping. Exciting life, eh? This is why it was a huge blessing to be able to go out with some girls I recently met and explore the surrounding area.

Our adventure consisted of:

Exploring a Hungarian Coffee Shop and Bakery 

The shop was lovely. When I walked in I immediately thought to myself "this is the essence of a coffee shop". It had excellent lattes, delicious pastries, friendly staff, polished wood, and bare brick walls. I was really missing coffee and the coffeeshop atmosphere this past week so it was so good to just sit and soak it all in. I have a feeling I will be visiting this place quite a bit ;)

Eating Out at Spoon!

Next we went to a really cute deli/market where we all bought delicious sandwiches (which were served with kale fries! I'm hooked!). 

And then. . . we found a bookstore. Those are famous last words, I'm sure of it. This darling book shop is located right downtown and looks completely unassuming. It's a tiny storefront that takes up just about 15 feet across but when you walk in IT JUST DOESN'T END! And (even better news) there's an upstairs too. Somebody better find me before I spend all my money on books. This is a dangerous place for me. 

On the side of the bookshelves you can find little pictures of the store owner's travels. Too cute. And, for the record, this lady looks to have had quite a dandy life.

After our exploring we went back and watched Doctor Who until 3 in the morning. 
Friendship? I think yes.

Check back for more pictures!