Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cello Probs: Popper Etudes

A few weeks ago I started this Popper etude. And although some find them enjoyable and beautiful, I have a confession. I have never really enjoyed these etudes for cello. In fact, most of the time, I have despised them. . . . Recently, however, my friend reminded me of the series of videos which Joshua Roman, a phenomenal cellist,  posted to youtube. He recorded all 40 of the etudes in Popper's High School of Cello Playing and uploaded them to youtube for the public to enjoy. And, on top of that, he learned and performed them all in under a year. Crazy. Right? 

That all sounds astounding, but the kicker is this: the etudes sound GOOD. They don't make my ears bleed, my head pound and my lungs freeze just to hear them. In fact, they're enjoyable to hear. Musical, even. 

Inspired by his perfection, I have now set off to perfect my own etude. Hopefully my thumb will last through all those octaves!!! 

And for your listening enjoyment: One of the most beautiful Popper etudes - #13.