Monday, April 22, 2013

My Life Lately

These past couple weeks have been insane. That sort of makes it sound like it's all negative but really, it's not. It's been insanely busy, insanely stressful and insanely FUN. Some of the opportunites that have presented themselves in the last couple weeks have COMPLETELY taken me by surprise. Why didn't these opportunities show up when I was bored last month. . . ?

So here's a summary of what's been going on in my life lately:

Remember this post when I listed some of my favorite listens? Well, I recently got the opportunity to attend on of Harpeth Rising's concerts! (check out their site! Seriously.) Since I had been recently conversing with their cellist, Maria, I was able to get tickets to one of their recent concerts. It was fantastic night of music, jokes, friends and delicious food. 

At the Harpeth Rising concert with Maria

The next exciting thing was getting to attend this concert featuring Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau. In the words of the person sitting right in front of me "I'm not quite sure what to expect from a jazz pianist and a mandolin player." I wasn't either. 

One word: Fantastic. 
Another word: Mesmorizing.

 I seriously can't remember the last time I was upset that the concert was ending. It went so fast!

 Then this weekend I journeyed up to see J and my friends before they all leave school for the summer. It was a fantastic (and emotional) weekend and I was sad to see it end. Here are the highlights.

I was so proud of my dear friend who performed in concert with the symphony! 

It was GORGEOUS the entire weekend. Check out these clouds!

And I couldn't resist snapping some pics of us due to the fantastic lighting ;) 

I had to leave in the early afternoon on Sunday in order to get back for a rehearsal that evening but thankfully the boys pampered me and my best friend and made us a delicious brunch that morning. Thanks guys! That was an amazing treat!

(And, J, it was really fun to watch you cook. You're extremely methodical and focused. It's kind of cute . . .)

I hope your own weekend was just as fantastic and fun-filled!